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Online Accredited Facial Course


Welcome to our Online Accredited Facial Course! This comprehensive program is tailored to boost your proficiency in skin care products, facial techniques, and facial massage. It's an ideal fit for beginners and seasoned professionals alike, providing in-depth knowledge and hands-on training to refine your skills. Immerse yourself in detailed lessons about product choice, application techniques, and crafting personalized skincare routines. Gain mastery in facial techniques through instruction on cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing, to nurture radiant, healthy-looking skin. Explore the therapeutic advantages of facial massage to foster relaxation and skin rejuvenation. Embark on this educational voyage to discover the essentials for a luminous complexion and to advance your capabilities in facial treatments. Enroll today for an enlightening and transformative experience! Students will complete online modules, complete online quizzes and take photographs of their work. 100% pass rate! Tutors available 24/7 Once finished, student will be sent their Accredited certificate with cdp points (accepted by all insurance companies)




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