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About Fempire

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About Fempire

With over 15 years in the Nail & Beauty industry, and a business owner herself, Stephanie has launched Fempire Training Academy, a dynamic course, teaching other women the 'how to' of becoming their own boss and reach their fullest potential.

My Story...

When I was 13, I moved to Bulgaria. I didn’t want to attend a foreign school. So, for me, that
was the end of my high school education. I didn’t have much, but what I did have was my
sister’s old books from when she attended her Nail & Beauty course in college. I poured
over them like I was studying for an exam. I was

My Dad opened a salon whilst we lived in Bulgaria and I started working there, as if I was a
fully trained technician, but the truth... I was Winging it!

Eventually I moved back home to England, and I had two children. Juggling my schedule
around theirs, I continued my journey doing mobile nails and spray tans.
It wasn’t until I was about 25 and my little ones were that bit older that I found myself wanting
to work again in a salon. That was when the realisation hit that I had no qualifications! And,
the crazy part... nobody knew! This epiphany started me on my journey to become a
qualified technician. I had and I continue to have, a major love for learning! It is my passion
and I never stop!

By the age of 29 I had my first salon! A real dream come true! During this season, having
many conversations with my clients about the pressures of getting good grades and getting
into the right colleges sparked something in me... I didn’t get the grades, I didn’t go to
college. I didn’t even complete high school! My story was developing. There is another
way. One size doesn’t fit all. Then other conversations with my clients about how they
would love to do nails but it’s too late, the boat has sailed, the time is passed... opened my
eyes again to my own journey. Who says we’ve missed the boat? Why do we think it’s too

So, I went back to the books, earned my Teaching Qualification and opened Fempire
Training Academy!

My aim is to accommodate everyone. You have dreams of being in the Nail and Beauty
industry? You aspire to stop working for other people? Then it’s time to take control. Be
your own boss. Make yourself rich and not others. It’s time for you, with my help, to build a

So that’s the story about my Nail and Beauty journey. We all have to start somewhere and if
you're reading this, I would dare to say there's something in you too that has been sparked.
You are thinking of making a change! I’m always here, happy to chat, to encourage you, to
give you sound practical wisdom, and to just listen. I'm not just your tutor, but a friend for
life. The time is now! I'm here to help! We are in this together. Your journey is my journey
and I'm so excited for us!

Feel free to drop me a message any time.

Lots of love,

Stephanie x

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